How To Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate Program | How To Sign Up As A Fiverr Affiliate

Did you know that fiber has an affiliate program? Everyone knows about the Fiverr platform as being a freelance platform from Instagram shoutouts to making business cards, logos or having someone to design an Ecom shop or for other services for your marketing needs. Recently I just found out that Fiverr has a great affiliate program. Since everyone knows about Fiverr it's pretty easy to promote. If you are into affiliate marketing, then this is a great opportunity to take advantage of affiliate marketing with a major company that's known around the world. They're known for over 5.5 million people who use Fiverr to start and grow their business. They are very popular on their platform, there's a gig purchased every 4 seconds on Fiverr. They operate in over 160 countries. They're very affordable, they used to have all the gigs at $5 but as time went on and the market grew and the platform grew they now have services that start from standard of $5 to pro which is $1,000 plus. Fiverr is used on any device so as a Fiverr affiliate you can bring traffic from mobile web or apps. Fiverr is known to have everything from marketing to design, there's a service to fit almost everyone's business needs.
You can choose your commission plan, this is what the commission plan setup is:
Dynamic CPA up to $150 or $10 CPA plus 10% rev share.
It's basically broken down like this:
  • Fiverr CPA $15 to $50 CPA, this is a dynamic CPA depending on what service your first time buyer purchases.
  • Fiverr hybrid $10 CPA plus 10% rev share A fixed CPA per first-time purchase, and RevShare for 12 months
  • Fiverr pro $150 CPA which is All Fiverr Pro services
  • Learn. From Fiverr which is 30% of every course order
  • AND CO from Fiverr which is 30% of every AND.CO pro plan
Of course it's easy to join as an affiliate. You can get started for free, once approved you will  have access to marketing materials tools and more.
It's such an easy affiliate program to promote because there's a target audience for everyone especially business owners or people who are marketing online or other people who needs to outsource something for their business.
Here is a further breakdown of what you will promote as a Fiverr affiliate directly from their site.
Fiverr Services*
We offer different commissions ($15-$50) depending on what category your buyer purchases from.
You will be qualified for CPA commission once your buyer purchases on Fiverr for the first time. They call it FTB (First-time buyer).

After your given an affiliate link to promote you will be able to track your sales, they have a cookie duration is 30 days from the first click. You can read more about the Fiverr affiliate program through their FAQ page as well.

 Thinking about joining Fiverr Affiliate program? JOIN FIVERR AFFILIATE PROGRAM HERE 

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