Magick Spells, Folklore, Fact or Fiction

Throughout time, people have always relied on their own faith in practicing spriritual, magick to accomplish amazing things. Way before doctors and mainstream medicine came into play, most ailments and situations were handled by the use of spirituality, witchcraft, voodo, hoodoo, astrology, or mysticism.
Thousands of years ago, there were civilizations that would not go by a day without help from unseen sources. However, people over the years have relied on mainstream medicine to assist them with whatever ailments they may have. But, should we judge people in the past or even now who rely on “magick”?
Since mainstream religion also popped up, people and civilizations have scoffed at the idea of occultism, or magick (magic). I mean damn, it wasn't too long ago that they were burning witches at the stake for performing magick. Unfortunately, they were burning people who they “thought” were doing something they “felt” were unethical. Even today, people look down on those who practice something that is and always have been misunderstood by the masses. Everyone has their own beliefs and should be respected as such. Although, to me it seems that since we are now in what is called “the age of Aquarius” people are shifting what their beliefs are. But more about that in another blog. It seems as though people are now more accepting of magick. Just go to Instagram or YouTube, or any other social platform, you will see people uploading and posting about love spells, tarot readings, being a witch, candle magick and such. Whether it's about how to get more money, getting your ex back, and finding love, all which are very popular subjects. I mean let's face it, life is difficult and people want answers and they want a better life. Personally, I think that more ppeople are adapting to this “new age” not just because of the times we are now in, but people are wanting to create and manifest a life that is meaningful under there own terms. Maybe now, finally, people see that it is perfectly Ok to believe in magick!

My thoughts are just because the word “magick” or “magic” is used in mainstream media, does not mean what people think it means on the surface. If you ever studied the law of attraction, you will understand what I mean. Basically, in a nutshell... it means like attracts like. Whatever energy you put forth is what you get back. Example, if you start off your day and something bad happens, and you say “what else bad can go wrong”? Well whatever is going to happen negatively will sure as hell find you.
Of course there are deeper explanations to this law. There are numerous books and articles and videos on this. But at the end of the day, you don't have to believe in the law of attraction. It happens with or with out you deliberately creating the circumstances. Just like gravity exist with or without your belief. So, to say this after all the above, your intention, and mindset and the power of our minds, all can assist you in your magick. Choose to believe that or not.

As a person who fully believes in the power of our minds, I seen how our intentions and faith and belief systems can bring about what seems like outer worldly experiences. Most people believe in the power of prayer to bring about whatever they desire. The meaning of prayer according to google means: A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship. I know a lot of people wont like this next statement but oh well....I rather be in charge of my own life and not plead or beg for a request and be granted that request if I been a good girl. However, I am referring to the traditional type of prayers. The ones that make you feel cut off from source. I rather use my focused intentions and my mind to bring about my own manifestations. If you are offended by that last statement, then your part of the judgmental society that pushed religion down our throats. I can speak on religion being pushed down throats from experience. I had a closed mind due to being brought up in a very religious household. Growing up a Jehovah's Witness had my mind, eyes and third eye closed.
Anyway, back to the question, is magick real? Damn right it is. Take time to study Ancient Egypt (Kemet), or the multitudes of American Indian history just to name a few very spiritual civilizations (spiritual not religious) They all had a system in place that seemed like magical practices. I won't go into detail in this blog, you can do the research yourself. These people are and were not crazy. They used what they knew and what was passed down to them for their forefathers, or from other outer worldly sources to craft their “magick”.
Do I believe a spell bring you more money, a new love, a new home or whatever circumstances I want to manifest. Hell yes!!!!

I am no self proclaimed mystic, witch, or spiritualist. I don't like labels. I am someone with a very open mind. I focus my intentions and energy and with the use of magickal tools I am able to manifest my desires. I am not perfect, but, I am always learning! I am always trying to make my life better. This is the journey I chose, because I am in charge my life. No one, nor anything else is. I meditate and connect with my higher self every day. I still have a lot to work on. It took me many years to deprogram myself from my ex religion. I am a work in progress.
In conclusion, whether you choose to believe in magick. It does not matter it exist with or without your beliefs. Why have limiting beliefs? Why not open your world to what you cannot always see? I would not want to live the rest of my life sticking to one belief. Open your mind and you open your world.
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