Loa Eshu Magick Voodoo Protection Charm Pendant - Goddess Energy 22

Loa Eshu Magick Voodoo Protection Charm Pendant

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Loa - The Ever Powerful Master, Loa Eshu
This Voodoo Charm carries the great power of Loa Eshu who will fiercely protect the wearer from harm. Please make sure that you only use this charm when needed as Eshu does not like to be called upon for no reason!
Offering: Wrap a sweet in red paper and bury or hide by your front door.
Approximate Size: 1 1/2" x 1 3/8"

Produced in copper and bronze and supplied with a 20" leatherette necklace. A full leaflet is provided with the charm to explain to you how to empower it and how to set up the Voodoo ritual so that the charm's positive, good magic can be harnessed to your desires.